DIY Pet Grooming

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DIY Pet Grooming Grooming your pet is important for their health.  But it can get expensive and it can be stressful for your 4-legged BFF.  Grooming at home is a good alternative: it keeps costs down, is less scary for your cat or dog, and helps you keep tabs of your pet’s health. Here are the most important home-grooming habits … Read More

Successful Cat Adoptions – Avoiding Surrenders

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Successful Cat Adoptions – Avoiding Surrenders Surrenders – A Big Problem According to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies 27% of shelter cats in Canada were surrendered by their guardians. In the US, the American Humane Association found that 32% of cats are surrendered by their owners due to allergies and No Pet Policies alone. It’s Adopt a Cat Month … Read More

I Lost my Pet, What do I do First?

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I Lost my Pet, What do I do First? May is Chip Your Pet Month and we’re talking about what you can do if your 4-legged bestie goes missing. Every year millions of pets go missing. About 26% of dogs return home, but for cats it’s less than 5%. Proper ID tags can only do so much and your pet … Read More

Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

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There are tons of dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted. October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – reminding people that there are lots of furry friends waiting in shelters. This blog give a quick overview of what to consider when adopting a shelter dog. Things to Consider when Adopting Finding the right match Adopting a pet isn’t like … Read More

Preventing Dog Bites

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Why do Dogs Bite? According to veterinarian Dr. Sofia Yin the main reason dogs bite is because owners don’t always have a good understanding of dog body language. Often owners don’t know when their dog is signalling aggressive behaviours. Consequently, owners reinforce the biting behaviour without realizing it. For more about biting behaviour check out Dr. Yin’s short video: … Read More

Flea Season is Coming…

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Why are Pets Susceptible to Fleas? Fleas – just the word can make any pet owner shiver. The ASPCA states that dogs and cats are susceptible to fleas because fleas can be found everywhere your pet is and they are highly mobile. The fleas’ ability to jump and move long distances quickly makes easy for the little blood suckers to … Read More

Protecting your Pets from Poisons

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Protecting your Pets from Poisons There are a lot of items in everyday life that are dangerous for your pets. You may not even realize that the cleaners or plants you have can make your dog or cat sick. This blog covers the most common pet poisons as well as some common misconceptions about pet poisons. If you Think your … Read More