Agility – Fun for you and your Furry Friend

Are you looking for an awesome way to bond with your dog and get some exercise?  Agility training could be for you.

What is Agility?

Agility is a training sport.  You train your dog to run an obstacle course that includes jumps, tunnels, weave poles, dog walks, teeter-totters, and others obstacles.  You race against time while trying to complete the obstacles as accurately as possible.

There are different events for all levels of experience.  Agility is a great way to get outside for some fun and exercise with your favorite, furry canine and other dog lovers!


Exercise: Dogs get bored – they need things to do just like people.  Many pet behaviourists and veterinarians agree that dogs need plenty of exercise – both mentally and physically.  Training your dog for Agility helps keep your dog’s mind and body in shape.  You will also get some great exercise while running through the course with your pooch. 

Bonding: Agility is a great way to bond with your dog.  Through the training your dog will rely on your commands for guidance through the course.  It’s a great way to improve communication with your dog and ensure your dog is well trained.

Behaviour: Just like people, dogs behave better when they are entertained – when they have places to go, things to do, and dogs to see.  Dogs that take part in Agility are less likely to have behavioural and health problems.  Problems like chewing, digging, barking, and hyperactivity are far less common in Agility dogs than dogs that don’t get enough socialization and exercise. 

For dogs who might be timid or fearful Agility helps build confidence and trust.  Confidence and trust go a long way toward helping your dog overcome fearful and timid behaviour.  

Before you Start

·         Look up agility clubs in your area

·         Make sure your dog meets the qualifications – such as age

·         Make sure your dog is in good health – vaccines and checkups are up to date

·         Check out for more information on local clubs in the US

If you’re looking for a fun, rewarding, and unique activity you can do with your pup make sure you look into Agility!

Are you in Agility?  We want to hear from you!  Go to and share your experiences and tips with us J

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