Take your Cat to the Vet Day

August 22 is Take your Cat to the Vet Day.  People are less likely to take their cats to the vet than their dogs.  According to a survey it would seem only two thirds of cat owners take their cats to the vet.  There are a couple of reasons:

  1. Dogs tend to be easier to transport
  2. Cats are not likely to listen to commands and behave the way the owner wants and therefore, need more prep time for a vet visit
  3. Cats tend to be more stoic than dogs – you may not even be aware that your cat requires veterinary attention

August 22 serves as a reminder to pet owners to take their cats to the vet for an annual checkup.  Here are some tips for taking your cat to the vet:

  • You may want to consider a cats only veterinarian if there is one in your area
  • Consider putting some of your cat’s bedding, or an item of clothing from the cat’s favourite person in the carrier – that way it smells familiar
  • Always use a carrier to transport your cat – the carrier should be the right size – not too big, not too small, and it should be clean and sturdy
  • You may want to cover the carrier with a blanket or towel while in the car
  • Carry and hold the carrier carefully, don’t swing it around or bump it into things
  • Once at the vet leave you cat in the carrier until the vet is ready to examine him/her in the examine room
  • Keep the carrier off the floor
  • If you cat has to stay overnight consider leave his/her favourite toy or blanket – home smells will help kitty stay calm

Pets are our best friends and if we want them to be around for a long time we need to make sure they get the care and attention they need.  On August 22 make an appointment to take your cat to the vet.

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For more tips about taking your cat to the vet check out:


Black Cat Appreciation day

What is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Black cats are the least adopted type of cat.  To raise awareness about black cats August 17 is Black Cat awareness day.  Black Cat Appreciation Day is a virtual event – people post to Facebook to express their appreciation for black cats.  It was started by Wayne Morris as a way to honour the memory of his sister and a family pet.

Why do Black Cats Deserve their own Day?

A lot of cultures consider the black cat to be good luck.  In Scotland black cats are said to be a sign of prosperity.  In Japan, black cats are considered good luck.  But in the west (particularly North America) black cats are still considered a sign of evil and bad luck.  This superstition has its root in European cultures – where much of the black cat superstition begins.  One black cat superstition for example says that it’s bad luck for a black cat to cross your path.  It seems that the number superstitions about black cats have motivated many people to avoid black cats all together.  As a result black cats are adopted far less frequently and euthanized far more often.  It looks like black cats have all the bad luck instead of being a cause of bad luck.

But black cats aren’t bad luck, and they’re not bad cats.  Looks of black cats are just as cute and cuddly as any other cat.

That is why we celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day.  Shelters everywhere ask people to look past the colour when adopting a cat. 

Share with us: would you ever adopt a black cat?  Tell us on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/DoonGo?ref=hl

Check out this infographic about cat adoptions to see where black cats rate: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/21/black-cats-_n_4137673.html

If you’d like to read more about black cat superstitions check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_cat

Check out this FB page for black cat lovers: https://www.facebook.com/BlackCatAppreciation?fref=ts

Feed Pets of the Homeless

Homelessness is a serious problem across much of Canada and the US.  Many homeless people are also pet owners but we don’t often consider the effects of homelessness on pets.  This week is Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week and it promotes awareness of the needs of pets with homeless owners.  Feeding Pets of the Homeless Weeks is organized by Pets of the Homeless. Pets of the Homeless is a non-profit, volunteer based organization that seeks to support homeless pet owners by providing pet food and veterinary care to the pets of homeless people across Canada and the US.  In the US it’s estimated that between 5%-10% of homeless people are also pet owners.  That works out to between 175,000-350,000 homeless pet owners.  These pets aren’t strays; they’re the companions of homeless people. If you’d like to help pets in need but can’t adopt or rescue a pet you can make a donation in support of Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week.  Here are some easy ways to help:

  • Make a donation of pet food or supplies to a local Pets of the Homeless collection site
  • Make a cash donation to Pets of the Homeless through their website
  • Spread the word about Pets of the Homeless with your friends and family and through social media
  • For other ways to help check out: http://www.petsofthehomeless.org/you-can-help

If you’d like to learn more about Pets of the Homeless check out: http://www.petsofthehomeless.org/ To find out about making a donation of pet food or pet supplies in support of Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week check out: http://www.petsofthehomeless.org/collection-sites You can also check out the Pets of the Homeless Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPetsoftheHomeless

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