Common Dog Misbehaviours

Common Dog Misbehaviours

Your furry best friend can be a handful.  It’s important for you to train Fido calmly, and consistently.  We’re going to discuss some common dog misbehaviours:

  • Destructive behaviours (chewing, for example)
  • Digging
  • Jumping up
  • Barking

A change in schedule, poor or incomplete training, old age, puppyhood, separation anxiety, illness, and change in diet are just some of the reasons Fido might misbehave.  These behaviours can be frustrating for you and your dog.  You might even consider dropping Fido at a shelter.  Don’t give up on your furry friend.

Addressing these behaviours will lead to a long and happy friendship between you and your pup.  Check out the resources below for information about Common Misbehaviours.  If you need help consult your vet, a qualified trainer, or a pet behaviourist.

Separation Anxiety

Have you ever come home to find that Rover has chewed your shoes or destroyed his dog bed?  Destructive behaviour in puppies or dogs is often due to separation anxiety.  Rover might display separation anxiety in the following ways:

  • Destructive behaviour – chewing your personal items, like shoes or clothing, or destroying other household items is a way for Rover to be close to you when you’re gone
  • Howling and barking – howling and barking due to separation anxiety is how Rover vocalizes insecurity and nervousness
  • Soiling – Rover’s potty training may not be complete if he is soiling where he is not supposed to

To combat poor behaviour due to separation anxiety you’ll need to determine the root cause of the behaviour.  Is Rover fully trained?  Has Rover made the wrong associations when it comes to rewards and punishment?

Remember, dogs can get bored.  Try leaving puzzle toys for Rover to play with and remove items you don’t want destroyed.  Additionally, exercise can be a great way of curbing misbehaviour – a tired dog is less likely to get into trouble.

For more information about misbehaviour and separation anxiety, check out the following links:





Digging is an instinctual for dogs.  There are many reasons Lucky might dig in the yard.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t train her not to dig up your garden.  Like other misbehaviours listed here start by determining the cause of the behaviour.

Some things you might try to correct or mitigate the behaviour include:

  • Give Lucky her own area in the yard to dig in
  • Using deterrents, such as pepper, citrus, No-Dig, or Keep Off to stop Lucky from digging in the wrong place
  • Give Lucky lots of exercise and toys to keep her entertained

For more information about digging and possible solutions check out:


Jumping Up

Many dogs jump up as play or a way of challenging dominant pack members.  According to Dr. R. Foster, DVM, this behaviour can easily be corrected.  There are a couple methods of preventing Spot from jumping on you:

  • Body Block – position your body in a way that prevents Spot from jumping up.  This is done by extending a leg or knee
  • Ignore – if Spot does jump on you turn away from him and ignore him.  When Spot stops jumping and has all paws on the floor praise him with attention

For more information on jumping up check out:




Barking and howling are how dogs communicate.  It’s important for this behaviour to be trained in a consistent manner because it doesn’t just affect you but your neighbours as well.  There are several reasons Fluffy might bark including: attention, fear, warning, play, self-identification, boredom, and loneliness.  If Fluffy is barking for any of the reasons mentioned above check out the following comprehensive resources:



Remember, exercise and mental stimulation are great ways to help prevent many of the misbehaviours on the list.

Does your dog have a misbehaviour that didn’t appear on the list?    Check out this resource:  http://www.peteducation.com/category.cfm?c=2+1551

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