Caring for Deaf Dogs

There are a lot of myths about having a deaf pet.  But just because a dog is deaf doesn’t mean that it won’t make a good pet.  Caring for a deaf dog is different than caring for a hearing dog.  This blog contains information about training, and safety.


Training a deaf dog is different from training a hearing dog.  Here are some tips from to help with training a deaf dog:

  • The dog’s tags should read “(dog’s name) is deaf” and include your phone number
  • Consider attaching a bell to your dog’s collar
  • Find a basic training class that will allow deaf dogs to participate
  • Use sign language and facial expressions to train your dog to do basic tasks (sit, stay, down, etc.). recommends the American Sign Language Pocketbook to help with training
  • Your dog should always be leashed while walking
  • To get your dog’s attention thump the floor, wave, or use a flashlight or laser pointer

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While out and about with your dog you’ll want to keep him/her on a leash at all times.  It can be difficult to get your pup’s attention in any public place; but with deaf dogs it’s an added challenge.  A leash ensures that you will be able to get your dog’s attention no matter what is going on. If you want to give your pooch some off leash time the best place for that is at home.  Any off leash time your dog has should be in a fenced in area.  Then ensures that you pup isn’t hit by a car or doesn’t make a break for it.  If you don’t have a fenced yard make sure you keep your dog on a lead.

Other Tips

Here are some other tips from for owning a deaf dog:

  • Place your dog’s be in a corner or against a wall
  • If you’re waking your dog do it with a touch to the shoulder (always the same shoulder), or let your smell wake him by putting your hand in front of his nose
  • Your dog’s food should be placed in an area away from a lot of activity

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