Etiquette at the Off Leash Dog Park

Why is this Important? The dog park can be a risky place for dogs.  With a lot of action going on everywhere dogs can become frightened or aggressive leading to fights among the dogs.  This blog will give you some etiquette do’s and don’ts to help you avoid a bad experience at an off leash area.


  • Don’t keep your dog on his/her leash in the off leash area – leashes can be a hazard.  Leashed dogs can become tangled in their leash and cause injuries to themselves or other dogs.
  • Don’t feed other dogs – some dogs are on special diets.  Dogs, like people, may have allergies and digestive distress.  Don’t feed other people’s dogs without their permission.
  • Don’t bring puppies less than 1 year old or puppies with incomplete vaccinations – this is a safety hazard.  Unvaccinated dogs have a greater chance of picking up parasites or other health issues at the park.
  • Don’t bring dogs with poor recall skills – poor recall skills mean your dog won’t come when called.  Make sure that you’ve trained your dog to come when called even in a busy environment like an off leash dog park.
  • Don’t allow dogs to work out their differences – just like people dogs can be jerks.  Allowing dogs to “work out” their problems can lead to fights and injuries.  A dog that needs to assert his/her dominance isn’t ready for the dog park s/he needs more training and socialization.


  • Do pick up after your dog – leaving your pup’s poop everywhere is unhealthy and gross.  There are several parasites that your dog can get from poop.  Don’t forget your poop bogs.
  • Do exercise your dog before going to the dog park – sounds weird, I know.  Dogs with a lot of energy are more likely to chase and play rough.  This can lead to fights and injuries.  Let your dog work out some excess energy before going to the off leash park.
  • Do train your dog – training is very important for socialization.  Just like for people first impressions have a large impact.  Rude behaviour can lead to fights among both dogs and their owners.
  • Do remove prong collars and harnesses – these can cause injuries for other dogs.
  • Do pay attention – keep an eye on your dog.  Just like kids dogs can get into trouble.  Make sure you pay attention while your dog is playing in the park.  This way you can act quickly if your dog is wreaking havoc or if there’s a fight.

There are just a few of the do’s and don’ts concerning dog park etiquette.  For more information check: If we missed anything or your have any tips let us know on our Facebook page:

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